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Current Version of HyperStudio is 4.5, a Mac / Win hybrid

HyperStudio is now published by Sunburst Technology. It has been upgraded to v.4.5 which fixes a number of known bugs. You can upgrade v4.x licenses to v4.5 AT NO COST. See below.

Upgrade from HyperStudio 3.x to 4.x at the current cost of upgrade licenses. If you are changing computer platforms, you can simply upgrade existing licenses.


What's New


HyperStudio FREE Upgrade for v4.x Licenses

All existing HyperStudio 4.x licenses are eligible for a FREE upgrade to HyperStudio 4.5. This upgrade is being handled directly by Sunburst Technology (the new publisher of HyperStudio). Complete information as to process is found at the HS upgrade web page listed below. The web page supplies the Sunburst Customer Service phone line, a pdf form and some FAQs


You either need a copy of your P.O.s or your license certificates. For many District Licenses there have been multiple POs and multiple certificates issued. Most School Licenses will usually have only one certificate associated with a HyperStudio 4.x purchase.

Please Note: The upgrade program includes just 1 new installation CD, unless you ask! You may have purchased multiple CDs and you should ask for as many replacements as you need.

HS 4.5 fixes a number of bugs but does not add any new functionality.


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Purchasing HyperStudio is easier (and cheaper) than ever!

Cross-platform HyperStudio. HyperStudio is now a hybrid Win/Mac product and all licenses apply to either platform. If your school has 40 licenses, apply them as needed to any mix of Mac or Win platforms.

Cross-platform Upgrades. Migrate from one platform to the other by purchasing upgrade licenses. If you have 25 HyperStudio 3.x licenses for either Mac or Win, upgrade them to HyperStudio 4.x and apply them to either platform.

School to Home licensing! Any school which operates under either a School or District license, is licensed for home use of HyperStudio for staff and students at no additional cost. A school may wish to purchase additional installation CDs and manuals sets for that purpose.


HyperStudio 4.5 Education Pricing, 8/03

School / District 15 pack, Win/Mac hybrid, 15 CDs and a complete manual set


HyperStudio License Extension, Win/Mac hybrid, ea.


HyperStudio Upgrade License, Win/Mac hybrid, per existing license, ea.


Installation CD, Win/Mac hybrid, ea.


Reference Manual Set: Reference/Tutorial/HyperLogo


Teacher/User Guide Manual Set, ea.



Contact DataNet Communications for complete information.

Phone 780.460.7266 Fax: 780.460.5057 e-mail: dwalker@datanetcomm.com

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The School Technology Task Group (Alberta Education) has identified HyperStudio®, now published by Sunburst, as the multimedia authoring software package which best serves the multimedia outcomes, defined by the Technology Outcomes Project. HyperStudio has become the multimedia software of choice in K-12 education throughout North America, due to its unique combination of power and ease-of-use.

DataNet Communications is an authorized Sunburst/ agent, able to provide preferred pricing, wide-ranging technical support, professional development opportunities, and collateral materials. This great pricing and comprehensive support is available to all schools and school jurisdictions.

DataNet Communications is in a unique position to serve the needs of schools and school jurisdictions, because DataNet Communications is a full-service consultancy which not only provides HyperStudio software, but also provides multi-level training in its classroom use, the necessary technical support, and a wide range of books and resources for use with HyperStudio.


School and District Licenses Explained 

All School and District Licenses are based on the purchase of one HyperStudio 15-Pack, along with sufficient additional license extensions to license computers beyond 15. One complete manuals set accompanies each 15-pack. License extensions beyond the 15-pack are paper licenses. Additional installation CDs and manuals sets are recommended for participating schools in a District License.


DataNet Communications will work with your school or district to help you choose the licensing strategy best suited to your school's or district's needs.


School Licenses.

A school site license is acquired by the purchase of one HyperStudio 15-pack, and sufficient license extensions to license the required number of computers beyond fifteen. Additional extensions can be added at any time, in any quantity, at the posted price for extensions.

For example, a school acquiring licenses for 25 computers, purchases a 15-pack and 10 license extensions. Should the school choose to add (say) 12 more stations the following term, it simply purchases 12 additional license extensions.

District Licenses.

A District License is acquired by the licensing of at least 90 computers, one 15-pack and 75 extensions. Or it evolves as the number of licenses within a District reaches 90. Each participating school should purchase at least one manuals set and one installation CD. Additional extensions can be added at any time, in any quantity, at the posted price for license extensions. The license is held by the district so that any school in that district can participate.

For example, a district acquiring licenses for 225 computers in 5 shcools, purchases a 15-pack, 210 license extensions, and (recommended) 4 additional installation CDs and 4 additional manuals sets. At a later date, the school district may choose to add an additional 125 licenses to its existing district license to be distributed among the existing schools and one additional school. It simply purchases 125 additional license extensions and as many additional manuals sets and installation CDs as required.

Convert an Existing School License to a District License.

DataNet Communications can help you combine existing licenses to District License status in order to take advantage of the lower unit cost associated with a District License. If there are one or more School Licenses in your district, and if there is sufficient interest among schools to meet District Licensing requirements (minimum 90 licenses), converting to District License status results in immediate savings. Call us at DataNet Communications for details.



Phone 780.460.7266 Fax: 780.460.5057 e-mail: dwalker@datanetcomm.com


Phone 780.460.7266 Fax: 780.460.5057 e-mail: dwalker@datanetcomm.com  

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Technical Support

DataNet Communications will provide technical support to participating schools and districts in the following ways:

Telephone support to the Jurisdiction Technology Contact (JTC) for each school authority regarding a broad range of purchase, installation, and technical issues, at no charge.

A reproducible printed tutorial designed to get new users up and running quickly, at no charge.

A dedicated HyperStudio support page will be added to the existing DataNet Communications Web Site, www.datanetcomm.com, containing current information of interest to teachers. You're here now!

Issues which require extensive research, custom solutions, and/or physical presence at a school site, will be charged at a rate agreed upon with the school or district contact, commensurate with the task at hand.


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Professional Development in HyperStudio

DataNet Communications provides a complete series of professional development sessions to teachers and administrators who are using HyperStudio. Sessions are all hands-on, on either Macintosh or Windows platforms. The sessions have been designed to be delivered in half-day modules, for maximum flexibility, to groups of 5 to 20 educators. Topics are listed below.

It is strongly suggested that a school or district which acquires HyperStudio provide professional development to teachers who are expected to incorporate it into instruction, to ensure effective implementation. For example, a combination of Teaching, Learning, and Technology and HyperStudio Essentials I, or a combination of HyperStudio Essentials I and HyperStudio Essentials II, might constitute an appropriate Professional Development Day at the time of implementation of HyperStudio.

DataNet Communications has trained hundreds of educators in the use of HyperStudio at Teachers' Conventions, at school and district Professional Development sessions, and at the Great Canadian HyperStudio Weekend.

DataNet Communications' Classroom Technology Workshops are designed to help teachers make sense of the new technology, and provide practical tools and experience to apply to the everyday tasks of teaching and learning.The primary goal of the training activities provided by DataNet Communications is the development of Confidence in each trainee in his/her approach to the software, based on the idea that confidence in onesี own abilities and the capabilities of the software, together encourage creativity and vision.


There are a number of Intermediate/Advanced topics available, each designed to take teachers well beyond the basics in focused areas. As well, there are a number of related topics available in Classroom Technology Workshops. All are listed below. Choose any combination of sessions to create a Professional Development day to suit your school or district needs.


Introductory Workshops

HyperStudio Essentials I (1/2 day)

HyperStudio Essentials II (1/2 day)

Teaching, Learning, and Technology (1/2 day)

Intermediate / Advanced Workshops

Int/Adv HyperStudio: Publishing stacks on the Internet (1/2 day).

Int/Adv HyperStudio: Animation Techniques (1/2 day).

Int/Adv HyperStudio: Sound, Photographs, and Video (1/2 day).

Int/Adv HyperStudio: Text and Graphics Techniques (1/2 day).

Int/Adv HyperStudio: HyperLogo I (1/2 day).

Int/Adv HyperStudio: HyperLogo II (1/2 day).

Related Workshops

Capturing and Editing Video, Digital Photographs, and Sound (1/2 day).

Adobe Premiere Essentials: Video Clips with Pizzazz (full day).

Adobe Photoshop Essentials: Digital Photos with Panache (full day).




Phone 780.460.7266 Fax: 780.460.5057 e-mail: dwalker@datanetcomm.com


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